We buy designer purses from our clients by appointment. We mainly buy items that are still in excellent (like new) or “gently used” condition (i.e. no damage, no broken or missing parts, no darkening or major permanent stains, still clean inside and out, etc.).

NOTE: We are currently prioritizing hot items such as Louis Vuitton crossbody bags in monogram with date codes. We do not buy microchipped bags and all-leather or limited edition bags until further notice. We do not buy other name brands until further notice.

While we also selectively accept consignments, we prefer paying for your item(s) UPFRONT after fully AUTHENTICATING them through our multi-tiered authentication process. 
Please read the following steps to make sure the process is clear to you before asking to schedule a drop off. 

STEP 1: We ask for detailed pictures of the item, including most importantly its date code or serial number. We check every detail of the bag, for example: the leather, the hardware, the lining, among others.

The pictures of a high-end bag that we initially ask for are the following:
1. Whole front
2. Whole back
3. Bottom corners (left and right side)
4. Handles/strap
5. Whole Interior
6. Date code
7. Logo  or where it says "Made in ---"

8. Parts where there are flaws (such as stains that can still be cleaned, light scratches that can still be removed, creases, plating wear, etc.). If we do not receive pictures of the actual condition of the item and those flaws do exist, it will affect our final buying offer or we do not consider buying the item.

9. A copy of proof of ownership (receipts, etc)

Text pictures to 346-370-1381 or email them to jjsclosetllc@gmail.com. For a quicker response, texting pictures is recommended.

A note on the date code or serial number: While the DC or the SN is just ONE detail of an item that we closely examine in determining  the item's authenticity,  we prefer buying an item with the DC or SN still intact. If this detail is missing or if it is faded and hard to read (in some cases for certain older Louis Vuitton models, for example), it might lower our buying price for the item.

STEP 2: We offer our initial buying price range (Example: $700-$850) based on the pictures we receive from you. 

STEP 3: We ask you to drop off  the item at Jj’s Closet in Old Town Spring for further authentication. We ask you to give us 2-3 days for us to get your item fully authenticated before we get back with you with our FINAL buying price.

WORD OF CAUTION: If the owner knowingly brings a FAKE item to our store, we charge an AUTHENTICATION FEE of $100. It is best to sell us something you originally purchased from the original boutique of the brand. Some of the questions we ask after Step 1 above:
“Where and when did you buy this item?”
“Did you buy it new or preowned?”

We have a business reputation to protect. Our integrity is of utmost importance to us; hence, WE CANNOT ALLOW anything to fall through the cracks, so to speak.

ALL PAYMENTS from us are FINAL and the item/s cannot be returned to the seller.

 Here is a part of the paperwork that we ask sellers to complete: